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We recorded this without any help from any professionals so


released May 20, 2017



all rights reserved


The Bomb Shelter Dropouts Newark, Delaware

Punk rock with a sense of humor. 4 piece from Newark, DE

Kyle Kolek-Vox/Guitar

Chris Ranney- Lead Guitar

Shawn Bahm- Bass

Justin Sharp- Drums


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Track Name: Youicide
Your ears won't be ringing
The songs I tried to write about you never got finished
They linger in notebook pages

I spilled my guts all over the bathroom stall,
Spewing chunks of self respect
The asshole in the mirror offers few words of encouragement

Let's chalk this up to being the voices in my head
The liquor in my liver and my cold and empty bed
Doctor give me more pills to swallow with my pride
Take 5 to calm my bleeding heart
5 more for full affects of suicide

Your ears won't stop ringing
Your name is on the tip of my tongue
It hangs around like Sunday morning breath

I confess my love, my heart and soul
To the water at the bottom of the toilet bowl

Waking up dazed in an ER bed
Shitty pop songs booming over head
The hits of yesterday and today
Track Name: Shoulda Let It Cool (It's About A Hot Pocket, The Hot Pocket Is A Metaphor)
Tomorrow I think I might be okay
But today who can say
It's the twelfth day that I've spent on my own
Trying to forget that I'm all alone
I got an ache in my back the back I turned on my friends
Who haven't been able to say anything useful
The pot keeps calling the kettle black
But the government keeps calling pot illegal

And I tried to unwrap a hot pocket but it fell and now there's cheese and sauce everywhere
But I ate it anyway does it make me careless just because there's no less I can care

And finding your nerve is kinda hard when you've lost it in a bet
But even if you found it life takes more than the one that you'd had
You know if you can't feel shame then you can't feel pain
A shot of stale morphine is all you need to fix your nervous brain

Tried to unwrap a hot pocket but it fell and now there's cheese and sauce everywhere
But I ate it anyway does it make me careless just because there's no less I can care

And I'm kinda sick
Am I a dick
This life is cruel
I shoulda let it cool
And I'm asleep
It's far too deep
To wanna wake
My stomachache
Track Name: For The Birds
This one's for the birds
Whose stomachs have blown up
This one's for my parents
Who tried to raise me tough
It's for the lack of beer
In my empty plastic cup
And for my friend's couches
On which I've thrown up

And I'm
Sipping and
Slugging and
Swigging and
There's nothing else left to do

I'll be
Puking and
Pissing and
shitting and
Missing you
I'm fucking missing you

This one is for my liver
Who's taking one for the team
This one is for my bladder
Bursting at the seams
It's for the keg
That cried out all its beer
For nothing changing another shitty year

And I'm
Slugging and
Sipping and
Chugging and
Down the hatch til it's gone

And I'll be
Pissing and
Puking and
Shitting and
Moving on
I'm fucking moving on
Track Name: The Tale Of Outlaw McKillson
Smoking his coffee and drinking his cigarettes
Seems he's been missing out on all of his benefits
He sits in his chair
He sits and he stares
As he sits and stares in his chair

Now he's snorting his whiskey and shooting his cocaine
He's got scars on his arms and I think he's in pain
He sits at that bar
Looking at those scars
Scars on his arms in the bar

He's staying out late
And saying he's great
Just like cheese left out in the sun
But he doesn't melt
He just wraps his belt
Around another girl's neck til he's done
Another girls neck til he's done

He won't stop killing
Or drinking he's filling
His tires to pressure again
So when he runs down
A rodeo clown
He won't scratch his new coat of paint

He's running from the law boys
Running with a smoke
Tucked behind his ear
He's hoping maybe he
Can kill them with cancer
Run away and marry his beer

Outlaw McKillson
He was the best
The devil himself said he was skilled
Thats until one day he went down to hell
And the devil's the man that he killed
Yes the devil's the man that he killed

Now you may think a man who killed the devil
Can't be made of stone
But the truth is outlaw McKillson just wanted to take his throne for his own
Just wanted to take his throne for his own